The traditional phone system isn’t beneficial for businesses in this modern era. The recent remote work culture in the industry cannot be done with traditional phone systems. With increasing digital transformation, organizations have realized that landlines aren’t the perfect way to communicate with customers. 

Businesses are moving towards communication systems that are flexible and can support a remote team. Virtual number service is being preferred by organizations to add flexibility to their communication processes. Read on to know more about virtual number services and how you can ensure customer privacy.

Understanding Virtual Number

A virtual cell number isn’t restricted by any geographic constraints. It can be used to make/receive calls to numerous devices like desk phones, smartphones, or softphones. Irrespective of your office location, you can receive calls from all over the world with a virtual number. There is no need to establish a physical infrastructure for communication with a virtual number. Virtual numbers establish a seamless communication channel for businesses.

Virtual numbers are usually cloud-based numbers that can be used to route customer calls to the respective support executives. You can use a local or an international virtual number for your business. You will boost productivity in your communication department by using a virtual number service.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Number Service for Business

The pros of using a virtual number for business are listed below:

  • Foreign customers have to pay expensive calling charges to connect with a business. You can use virtual numbers that can receive calls from foreign customers without any calling charges. You can use a toll-free number to eliminate the calling charges for your customers. 
  • Virtual number service allows a business to active auto call attendants. An auto call attendant will greet the customer and forward the call to the right customer support executive. Businesses that use virtual number services can enhance the customer satisfaction level. 
  • Calls on traditional landlines can only be received during office hours when someone is there at the support desk. It is difficult to receive customer calls outside working hours with a landline. By using a virtual number service, you can forward customer calls to the cell phones of your customer support executives. 
  • Virtual numbers conceal the caller ID to protect the identity of customer support executives. Customer support executives often start receiving calls on their personal numbers, which can be avoided by using virtual numbers. 

How to Ensure Customer Privacy?

The risk with using virtual numbers is to win customer trust. Many scammers use virtual numbers to indulge in fraudulent activities. You have to make sure that customers trust your virtual numbers and not block them as spam. The first step is to mention the virtual numbers on your website or mobile application to guide the customers. If someone is impersonating your business, customers can quickly check the original number of your business via the website.

Many businesses record customer calls for internal training and quality purposes. The customer call recording contains sensitive information and should not get into the wrong hands. You need to have a secure storage system for keeping the customer call recordings safe. As a business, you may also be a target for robocalls and spammers. You need to keep your devices updated and avoid using outdated software.

You can also use antivirus software to protect your virtual number system. Make sure you use a strong password for your virtual number system to prevent the customer data from being hacked. If your use a public WIFI for your virtual number system, make sure you use an effective VPN service.

How to Get a Virtual Number for Business?

You need to choose a virtual number provider that uses smart cloud technology. Knowlarity is a reliable source that can help in getting a virtual number service for your business. It provides a number masking facility that protects the identity of customers and agents. You can route customer calls to available support agents easily.


By using the virtual number service of Knowlarity, you can easily integrate CRM to access customer data. Customers will be more confident when their identity is concealed via the virtual number system. Start using a reliable virtual number service for your business!