Are you facing any financial emergencies? Then, many financing options are available for the individual, but more is needed to meet the personal loans. Personal loans are the most trustable and easy accessing option that can offer various benefits or uses in those crucial times. By looking into the interest rate and other terms and conditions available, getting a personal loan is more accessible to enjoy its uses and repay on time. 

Many banks can offer a great deal on personal loans by considering the loan seeker’s needs. In this way, Ujjivan Bank also provides various loan offers that meet the seeker’s requirements. In this post, you may learn about the Ujjivan Bank personal loan, eligibility criteria, and documentation.

Ujjivan Personal loan: Know about it

Ujjivan Bank is one of the leading financial banks in India that can offer a wide range of an offer on loans for individuals or customers. Among the offerings, the personal loan is a popular offering that can be specially designed to fulfill or suit the necessities of salaried individuals. This personal loan can provide a convenient and flexible way for many salaried individuals to access the funds. By accessing this ujjivan personal loan, the individual can fulfill various purposes such as emergency crises, festivals, home renovation, education, medical expenses, etc.

Ujjivan personal loan: Know the eligibility

The candidate or applicant must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility for accessing the Ujjivan personal loans:

  • The candidate must be between the ages of 22 to 58 years old.
  • The candidate must be a public sector salaried employee.
  • The candidate must earn a monthly salary of a minimum of rs.25000.

These are some of the possibilities or eligibility criteria that can be fulfilled by the candidate to get or access an ujjivan personal loan by them. 

Accessing the ujjivan personal loan: Must require document

To access the personal loan for salaried individuals, they must need this document, which can be listed below:

  • Income proof
  • Address proof
  • Pan card
  • Passport size photos
  • Company Id card
  • Bank statement for six months

These documents can be needed for salaried employees to apply for the ujjivan personal loan.

What loan amount can be available for the personal loan for salaried employees?

When the salaried individual can apply for personal loans from the Ujjivan bank, getting an amount in between the range of fifty thousand to the fifteen lakhs. In addition, the exact personal loan amount will be calculated based on the candidate eligibility criteria and financial needs. However, the loan replacement time can vary from 12 to 60 months that can be based on their repayment capacity.

Bottom Line:

The Ujjivan personal loan is the best option that can be more helpful for the candidate to access it for various purposes with a simple and flexible process. However, the candidate must fill in the eligibility conditions and hold the necessary documents to apply for this personal loan. It is advised to know the basic information before applying for or getting the loan amount.